Jaker JakFlash 

Simplified Arc Flash Safety

Jaker Quotes & Delivers most Project AFH Labels ** from IFC or Existing Facility Docs.

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Jaker JakFlash* 

Sensible NFPA 70E Safety


Confusing PPE for Equal Work

Mandatory 5-year Updates **

Expensive Onsite Support ***

STOP using: 

Incident Energy Analysis Method

NFPA 70E-24 Article 130.5 (G) 

START using

Arc Flash PPE Category Method

NFPA 70E-24 Article 130.7 (C)(15) 


Compliance w/ NFPA 70E v. 24

O&M Energized Work Permits 

PPE Selection & Dressout

* Jaker JakFlash is created, distributed & supported by Jaker Engineering, PC, a New York Professional Corporation

** Programs that meet all 70E Restrictions

*** Required if 70E Restrictions not met. 

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Custom Arc Flash Labels 

w/ Company Logos Available

Sorted & Delivered w/ 1-Line Dwgs for fast and accurate installation

- - - COMING SOON - - -

JakFlash Revolver 

a "( revolution )" in smartphone apps

JakerEng uses SKM PTW v. 10.0.x

Available Supporting Analyses: